Generational Awareness Week 16 to 20th September 2019

The Aged Services Sectors Young Leaders Network is a network led by young people that work in the Sector to promote Aged Services as a career opportunity to other young people and to support Aged Service organisations get ready for younger people coming into the sector.

The Generational Awareness Week was their idea as a way of acknowledging and celebrating that there are 5 generations working within the Sector (and most likely within one facility).  This is a great way for the Network to input (from the perspective of a younger person) to bring together and recognising that there is such a diversity within our workforce.  The Generational Awareness Week is aimed at staff and residents.

5 Generations in the workplace

Members of the Young Leaders Network worked through some of the challenges and benefits for an organisation to have 5 generations working in the one place at the same time. As a result, they agreed that Aged Service Providers could embrace the diversity of their workforce by running a series of events as part of a Generational Awareness Week within their organisations.  The aim of the Generational Awareness Week is for staff and residents to really acknowledge and celebrate who they are.

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation 2020 will all be working side by side by the year 2020.

Each generation is shaped by the events and culture in which they lived.

It is important to join together to understand and acknowledge the generational differences within your workplace.

Benefits for your organisation

We know how critical it is to ensure appropriate retention initiatives (based on generational differences) are implemented in our workplaces. Younger generations motivators are ‘people they work with, the work itself, the financial need to stay and career opportunities provided within the organisation through PD and promotion’.

Aged diversity in the workforce has its benefits such as improved creativity and improved productivity however some of the challenge’s organisations face are that each generation is attracted to and driven to stay in an organisation by different motivations.

Research says....

Results of a 2012 survey into generational differences in Australian aged care show:

  • Older workers are motivated to stay in both short and long term employment by pay, job stability and security, the work itself and a supportive culture from management and the organisation.
  • Younger workers are motivated to stay by ensuring career opportunities are available to them as well as the work itself, and a supportive culture.
  • Each generation has different work and life values and motivators that shape their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs

here are a few ideas for your event.. but don't limit yourself..

Host a morning tea and have a chat about your favorite memories of growing up

Put up photo displays from different generations …  

Ask staff to bring an item that represents their generation.. 

Play music that is popular to each generation – music that staff (and residents) grew up with… 

Have displays that represent the different age groups of staff.. fashion, communication, transport

Documents and images to support your organisation run their events

Download any of the following Generational Awareness Week (GAW) documents to support your organisation run their events.

  • GAW A5 editable flyer – word version  (word) – this can be customised to add the information about your events (to share on social media, staff, newsletters etc)
  • GAW A3 poster (pdf)
  • GAW Letter
  •  right click and download the Generational Awareness Week Image to insert into your promotional material, emails, social media etc (jpeg)

our organisation would love to participate – what are the next steps?

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Any questions please contact one of our Workforce and Industry Development Officers

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Celebrate and recognise the age diversity in your workplace...