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a network, led by young people, that shares knowledge, skills and ideas, promotes Aged Services as a career pathway of choice and showcases leadership and innovation displayed by young people working in the Aged Service Sector in Tasmania.


To provide an opportunity for young people (30ish and under) to come together on a semi-regular basis to share their experiences, input into current and future workforce initiatives and participate in activities/initiatives that supports the continued growth of the participants personal and professional knowledge, skills and competence.

Have access to a network of young people who are passionate about working in the Aged Services Sector who embrace the opportunity to have an active role in inspiring younger people to work in our Sector.


The ‘Network’ provides an opportunity for the Sector to capitalise/value from the input from younger members of our workforce who are passionate about their job role and working with older people.

By 2020, the millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) will be the largest component of Tasmania’s  workforce.  Their characteristics, career aspirations, and behaviours are different to prior generations.   Who better to inform both employers and potential employees about the benefits of working in the sector then the young people we already have.

discover your story with a career in aged services

Young Leaders Award

Applications are now open for 2019 Young Leaders Award.

The Aged Services Young Leaders Awards is designed to recognise those whose have embraced the opportunity to have an active role in inspiring younger people to work in our Sector.

Applications Open 24 July 2019 and close 14 August 2019.   To apply you need to address the Selection Criteria outlined in the online application form.

Award Nomination and Selection Process

  • All members of the Young Leaders Network are eligible to submit a nomination.
  • ACSA will make the final decision on the winning nomination
  • By submitting your application you agree that parts of your application may be used in promotional material to promote Aged Services as a career choice
  • Your application will need to be accompanied by a letter of support from your manager
  • Applications will be assessed by a panel of industry professionals

What you can win

The winner of the 2019 Young Leaders Award will have the choice of either

Option 1

Registration and airfares to the ACSA Summit in Melbourne on the 8-10 October 2019 (please note: the prize does not include accommodation) https://www.acsasummit.com.au/program


Option 2

Enrolment in the 2020 Aged Services Emerging Leadership in Aged Care Program – where you will undertake 6 units of competence from the Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification.

How do i apply?… click the Apply Here button to start your application

discover your story with a career in aged services

Participating Members

Organisations are well represented across the State with many recognising their young staff as future leaders in the Sector.  For a full list of members click here

Getting to know each other….

To help you get to know each other and hear more about all the job roles we’ve developed a profile page for you to complete.  This information is only available to members of the Young Leaders Network.

Access the Young Leaders Forum

Click here to access the forum for the Young Leaders Network members. Please ask questions and add comments.

Project ideas for 2018-19

we are calling for EoI for anyone that is interested in being a part of working groups to progress a number of projects that were identified at Young Leaders meetings.

Project 1

Start to change the perception of working in the aged services sector by being involved in working groups to work on projects like:

  • Participate in the Discover Your Story profiles with real stories (your stories) and real people in the sector (instead of Jake and Trevor)
  • Short promotional videos “this is my role and why I work in the sector”
  • Changing the perception of working in the Aged Services Sector https://youtu.be/mYXyXNhC2RM

Project 2

  • input into the leadership curriculum PD

Project 3

  • develop a mentoring program to support young people in the workplace

Project 4




Workshop Dates for 2019

During 2019 the Young Leaders Network will continue to meet and workshop topics throughout the year.  In addition working groups will form to focus on projects and initiatives that are identified at the workshops.  The 2019 workshops dates are:

Wednesday 21 February 2019

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Links, articles and government policy

Strategy and Policy

Aged Care Workforce Taskforce Report



Aged care roadmap



Aged care Technology roadmap  to support consumer choice and control


TED Talks

(David Lee  Innovation leader) https://www.ted.com/talks/david_lee_why_jobs_of_the_future_won_t_feel_like_work (10min) innovation expect talks about empowering people to be innovative!!

(this gives a different perspective about how robots are taking over and what we can do to empower people to think outside the square)

(Daniel Kraft is a physician-scientist, inventor and innovator) https://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_kraft_medicine_s_future

(this talk was back in 2011 but very interesting in how far things have come in last 6 years with the use of technology in medicine)